About us

My name is Alex, and for the past 20 years, I've been involved in transportation and automotive, helping customers, family, and friends get the right vehicle for a fair price. 

When you purchase a vehicle from us, you don’t get just a highly engineered metal assemblage; you're offered my expertise along with it. For each unit available, you can rest assured that someone with experience selected, tested, repaired, and then re-tested it, completing a comprehensive assessment of its condition to ensure its superior quality. We understand that any one of our vehicles may become an integral part of your life, and that's why dedication and care for detail are our first priorities.

As a truck driver, who became an owner operator, then a fleet owner who became a dealer, I have worked my way through multiple layers of this industry. And with my diversified background, now operating in Tampa, Florida, I've come to understand all customers angles. Just as you are, I am also truck buyer. I know the challenges of today’s industry: fuel mileage, low paid freight, hours of service, idling costs—not to mention, the immense burden of buying a new truck that depreciates 100k in three years. I buy, use, and sell trucks with all of these factors in mind.  

My goal is to provide quality trucks at affordable prices. We take special care to treat customers with respect, and to answer all of your questions promptly and with integrity. 

There is no middle man or secretary, nor a third party answering service in another country. When you call me, you get me. My site has no pop-ups advertising special offers because everything I sell is a deal. Sorry, no free keychain or a free hat either: We save marketing money, and put it toward the truck itself. 

I look forward to speaking with you by phone or email about the truck of your interest, and hope to offer a service that you may rely on for years to come.